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Expanded Patient Environment

Spitalhygiene, Händedesinfektion

The expanded patient environment includes: sanitary area of ​​the patient (e.g. bathtub, washbasin and environment, fittings), tables, chairs, changing tables, but also tables on the ward etc. The solution of choice is room disinfection process, which ensures the disinfection of all surfaces in the room. The disinfectant shall be residue-free, material-friendly and – of course – highly effective.

The efficiency should be mentioned here. The economic pressure in health includes hygiene issues. Our process is geared precisely to this situation: a fast, highly effective, cost-effective disinfection.

“Room disinfection with residue-free, high-purity chlorine dioxide by spray application”

Our Innovation:

Unlike conventional chlorine dioxide disinfectants available on the market, ours is high-purified, residue-free and material-friendly. Details can be found here. An efficient application technology completes our system.

Examples of applications:

Patient room after justified suspicion cases or as final disinfection. Also applicable to ambulances, quarantine rooms, etc.


Sprayer that distributes the active ingredient throughout the room. This type of application is many times more efficient than the widespread abrasion / wipe disinfection. This type of application is our answer to the cost pressure of our customers.

spray-it plus applicationTests:

There is a comprehensive literature that describes the mode of action of chlorine dioxide and lists the spectrum of action in detail. With our own measurements and in various real applications, we have been able to show that our system delivers what it promises.