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Antimicrobial Additives

An additive is an auxiliary substance that is added to products in small quantities in order to achieve or improve certain properties . In our case, these properties are antimicrobial or auto-sterile properties. 

An important fact is, that with our technology, the auto-sterile or antimicrobial properties to not fade away with time and – very important, the antimicrobial effect is not caused by releasing biocides into the environment, but by a physical effect. Most additives available on the market have those two negative effect (fading performance, releasing biocides) – we, however play in a different league. 

Where are antimicrobial additives applied?

The antimicrobial additives which we have developed, are essentially used in coatings and plastics. Customers have the option to add antiseptic properties to their parts or surfaces. The additive is added  directly at the manufacturer of the lacquer or paints. Plastics are compounded and then used directly on the injection molding machine.

With coatings, we have experience with almost all popular systems, 1K, 2K, water-based etc. With plastics we have used PA, PE, PP, PU, ​​TPU, POM and silicone. Our antimicrobial additives are based on a polymer. Advantages over conventional antimicrobial additives such as nanoparticles, silver, silver derivatives are, in our opinion are obvious:

  • long effectiveness
  • excellent washout results (ie no washout!)
  • very wide range of applications

Antimicrobial additives for other applications are in the development phase. There are many problems in de industry and in the healthcare industry, which can be solved with the aid of suitable additives.


Offering an antimicrobial additive without the supporting analytical tools has no value for the customer. In recent years we have acquired extensive know-how in testing

  • antibacterial properties
  • antivirucidial properties (especially against SARS Cov)
  • analytical release (or non-release in this case) of the additive

Corona Virus (SARS Cov)antimicrobial additives tested against corona virus

We are one of a very few additive suppliers, which has explicitly tested its antimicrobial additive against the Corona Virus (Wuhan strain). We could successfully show, that the antimicrobial additive AOX52 has a fast and strong effect against the Corona virus on its own and also when incorporated into a 2-component coating. (see our coating coat-it AM)

Technical Data Sheet of our antimicrobial additives

Under the following link you may download the technical data sheet of the antimicrobial additive AOX52. You will find the antimicrobial performance as well as examples of applications.

Your next steps

Look at our examples (costing, plastics). Please contact us, when you have questions or when you have a concrete project in mind: Mail or telephone (+41 41 763 63 16).

Antimicrobial Additives

Additives for plastics – examples

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Antimicrobial Additives

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Antimicrobial Additives

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