Since 2006, we offer our customers innovative products and services in the hygiene sector. As a boutique we are forced to go other ways. We do not have the marketing power of big companies, but we – together with our customers – have the innovation power to quickly turn ideas into new products. Our network of application companies, logistics companies, producers, laboratories, compounders, paint and coating manufacturers in Switzerland and abroad gives us the confidence to master every hygiene problem. Challenge us!

Sincerely yours Thomas Müller


Solving contamination problems of our customers is the main target of our range of products. Learn more!


Permanent antimicrobial additives for coatings and plastics. Continue reading.


Combination of disinfection technologies with other technologies, as well as bio analysis and re-engineering of products. Interested?


Commercially available products for the professional and the public area. Details can be found under this link.