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Room disinfection

A room disinfection by means of fogging is by far superior to the current widely applied wiping disinfection. The quality level is constantly higher and does not depend upon human factors. The complete elimination of (pathogenic) germs by wiping is virtually impossible even with much effort. When performing a room disinfection, the disinfectant is applied by fogging. A fog generator transforms the liquid disinfectant into aerosols. The turbulent air / aerosol mixture ensures that the disinfecting agent is brought everywhere in the room, even into spots, which cannot or only insufficiently be disinfected with disinfectant wipes. This method can also be used in pipes and ducts of air conditioners. Also here, the carrier air ensures that the active ingredient touches all surfaces and disinfects it. This method has already been tested many times by clients. The test germs were distributed at critical points in the room. The aim was to kill all test microorganisms. With our system we were able to achieve 100 points out of 100 points possible points of the test. All equipment such as computers, keyboards, measuring instruments, telephones, etc. were left in the room and also disinfected at the same time.

Three advantages of our room disinfection systems

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Fogging can efficiently cover large areas and hard-to-reach places that might be missed during manual wipe-down. The tiny droplets can reach undersides, nooks, and crannies, ensuring a more thorough disinfection. This is especially useful in places with a lot of intricate equipment or high ledges that might be missed or are difficult to clean manually.
  • Time Efficiency: Fogging can treat large areas in a relatively short period. Manual wiping can be time-consuming, especially in larger facilities or areas with many objects and surfaces. In contrast, fogging machines can quickly release disinfectant, making it easier to disinfect larger spaces or numerous rooms in a shorter time frame.
  • Reduced Cross-Contamination Risk: Manual wiping carry a risk of cross-contamination if the same cloth or wipe is used across multiple surfaces without proper sanitation in between. Fogging doesn’t have physical contact with surfaces, so there’s a reduced chance of transferring pathogens from one place to another.

Examples of application

  • In the hospital environment with our autonomous disinfection robot  Video example
  • In the food industry with our industrial application equipment.  Video example
  • In the transportation sector, with our easy-to-use systems. Video example

Who does it

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  • if you have the intention to do the process in-house.