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Examples: Antimicrobial and Anti-Odor Textiles

antimicrobial textiles

Antimicrobial Textiles

Antimicrobial textiles find applications in many different fields: Healthcare (curtains, covers, cloth), underwear (for both sexes for all ages), feminine hygiene or incontinence. In all cases, the additional feature of the textile will increase the utility for the user. The additive will not be washed out and will not alter the properties of the base textile.

animicrobial textiles antimicrobial textiles antimicrobial textiles

Anti-odor Textiles

It is fun to watch athletes, professionals or amateurs, performing their arts. It is less fun to smell their shirts, gloves, shoes and socks.

With our additive, you can add the best anti-odor feature in the market to your textile. The feature will be persistent for the benefit of the user and the environment. It can be applied on synthetic and also to natural fibres.

antimicrobial textiles antimicrobial textiles antimicrobial textiles

Our Additives

A liquid with a physical mode of action. It is firmly anchored in the surface structure of the base textile material. Free of inorganic components. Compared to silver, zinc or other metal additives, there is no risk of resistance. No bleaching, preserves the aesthetics of the textile. Applicable on natural and on synthetic fibres by spraying, padding or exhaust process.


Various test have been performed to prove the anti-microbial efficacy of our additives. The tests are available on request. Also the odor reduction efficiency test as per ISO 17299-3:2014 would be available for interested parties.

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