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Various disinfectants are available to our specialists for disinfection and odor neutralisation. Depending on the application, one or the other product is used. We will support you to make the right choice. Our products have excellent and proven effects and a very high material compatibility. Some important features:
  • Non-oxidizing, therefore no discoloration, no fading, no rusting – carefree use is assured.
  • Lasting effect if desired, otherwise a residue-free application
  • Fast in application and effect, coordinated with our equipment
  • Applied only by trained professionals

Disinfectants performance

All products are thoroughly tested for their effect against bacteria, yeasts, molds and viruses. Certain products have a long-lasting effect, other products are residue-free and therefore have no lasting effect. Details can be found in the technical data sheets.


Application is either by spraying, wiping or fogging. Before a treatment, the optimum disinfectant and the optimum application method are determined. For the treatment of rooms you will find some details under the following link. Information about our disinfection robot can be found here. Odor neutralization is sufficiently described under the following link.

Material compatibility

A good effect alone does not make a good disinfectant. If the treated surfaces are damaged – by rusting, fading, discoloration – the customer will not be happy. Solving one problem should not cause another problem. All of our products have very good material compatibility and certain products are even approved for the use in aviation. These products passed rigorous material compatibility tests, which are essential in the aerospace industry. We will advise on the right choices.

Technical Data Sheets

In the following table the various products are described in detail. If you have any questions, please contact us.
NameApplicationTechn. Data Sheet

spray-it plus

Surface disinfection
- easy to use
- broad band disinfectant
- no adverse effect on materials
- free of residue
- virucidal performance

spray-it IQ

Surface disinfection
- strong and broad antimicrobial performance
- no material damage
- strong virucidal performance
high performance disinfectant

fog-it Q

Room disinfection
- VAH certificate
- virucidal performance
- AFNOR test certificate
disinfectant for fogging

fog-it plus

Disinfectant for the aseptobot
- easy to use
- broad band disinfectant
- no adverse effect on materials
- free of residue
- virucidal performance
- AFNOR tested
disinfectant chlorine dioxide
Remember: Use biocide safely, always read label, product information and safety data sheet before use!