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Expanded Patient Environment

Spitalhygiene, Händedesinfektion The expanded patient environment includes: sanitary area of ​​the patient (e.g. bathtub, washbasin and environment, fittings), tables, chairs, changing tables, but also tables on the ward etc. The solution of choice is the room disinfection process, which ensures the disinfection of all surfaces in the room. The disinfectant shall be residue-free, material-friendly and – of course – highly effective. Health care institutions are under severe economic pressure. The solution, which we offer reflects this boundary condition. We have thus developed a disinfection robot, the aseptobot. With this fully automatic device, patient rooms can be completely disinfected in less than one hour. 

Our Innovation:

We combined a state of the art disinfection robot with an innovative, highly effective disinfectant to ensure, that patient rooms can be fully disinfected in less than one hour. The system is easy-to-use, inherently safe and automatically writes the documentation in a secured cloud.

Examples of applications:

Patient room after justified suspicion cases or as final disinfection. Also applicable to ambulances, quarantine rooms, intensive care rooms etc.


Move the aseptobot in the room, enter the room number, push a button – get a clean room after less than one hour. 


We have rigorously tested the aseptobot system in the lab and also in rough environments. The aseptobot, combined with our innovative disinfectant fog-it plus has passed the difficult AFNOR test.