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Disinfection SystemsDisinfection Applications

Many problems, wich are induced by microorganism, can be solved with our products. The focus lies on the application of disinfectants. However, a range of supplementary products improve those disinfectants in a powerful and sustainable way. We probably have to most comprehensive range of products in the hygiene market. The area of application ranges from hospitals, room disinfection, mold remediation, or odor neutralization. Below, we have listed a few possibilities for your better understanding.

Disinfection Systems

Hospital Hygiene

The focus point lies in the high touch areas. Those areas are the main source of cross contamination. With innovative coatings, disinfectants and application systems we can support our customers in making the environment safer for patients and employees. Keep reading

Disinfection Systems

Room Disinfection

Our core process. We have gained a huge amount of experience in different area of application. This experience is conveyed into the development of innovative application systems. Whatever room has to be disinfected, we know how to do and we will transfer our know-how to our customers, which uses our equipment. Continue.

Disinfection Systems

Mold Remedation

Mold is still a huge problem in many areas: Food industry, housing, water damages and lately, in the hospital environment. With our range of products and processes the mold problem can be solved in a sustainable way. Here you will find more information.

Disinfection Systems

Oil and Gas

Hamful bacteria are still a severe problem in the oil and gas industry. Derived from our additives, we have some innovative solutions to support our customer in this important industry. Details you find here.