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Hand Disinfection

Spitalhygiene, Händedesinfektion

Experts agree that hand disinfection in the hospital sector is the key to reach a high level of hygiene. Our approach is relatively simple “If no skin irritation is caused by hand disinfection, the incentive is also higher to perform the hand disinfection”

Surveys have shown that staff’s fear of skin irritation is one of the main reasons for not performing hand disinfection.

Our innovation

Bags with integrated pump, formulating the hand disinfectant hand-it care, hand protection creme cream-it.

Bag with integrated pump instead of EURO tins.


  • The pump, which is usually mounted on the dispensers, should be sterilized regularly. If this is not done, the risk of contamination of this pump is very high. In our system you throw away the bag, including the pump – the problem of sterilization – combined with logistics, documentation, etc. does not arise.
  • It looks like a huge waste pile would be created, but that’s not the case! The waste saving is more than 50%. The weight of our bag, including pump is only half that of an EURO 500ml container, which is normally used. Bag and pump are a closed system.
  • The alcohol can not evaporate, so there is no loss of disinfectant – and more importantly, no loss of disinfecting effect. A product, containing 60% of alcohol loses 2% a day; this is a lot!
  • Advantage number 4: The bag can be almost completely emptied, in contrast to the conventional Euro containers, where a considerable amount of residue remains in the container.


The formulation of the hand disinfectant contains skin-friendly ingredients

Hand protection creme

  • Protects the skin against allergies and irritationsHautschutz cream-it
  • Protects the skin when wearing gloves
  • Free of perfume and silicone, waterproof
  • Maintains the effect for up to 4 hours
  • Dermatologically tested

You can get hand-it care and cream-it here or here