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Odor neutralization

Odor neutralization – the problem of unpleasant odors

The odor neutralization of a room is required when the quality of life is adversely affected by the existing odors. The smell is part of the atmosphere of a room, like lighting, temperature or color. Unpleasant odors can cause headache, nausea, malaise or depression. Unfortunately unpleasant odors can have many different causes and often occur even without direct influence (water damage, fire damage, decay, animal secretions). This can make the odor neutralization a relatively complex project.

It smells, what now?

Unpleasant odors that do not disappear by airing must be professionally removed. After superficial measures such as cleaning or removal of odor sources, our specially trained partners neutralize the smell with a fogging system.

How does the odor neutralization work?

  1. The odor sources are removed. Examples are charred wood, smoky objects etc. If removal is not possible, the odor source is sprayed directly with drug.
  2. The room is then completely fogged. Our active ingredient is neither corrosive nor caustic and thus there is no danger for objects in the room.
  3. After nebulization [2m3 / min], the reaction time is 60 minutes.
  4. Thereafter the room is ventilated intensively for 3 to 5 hours.
  5. For very intense odors (fire odors, animal secretions, decay) the procedure has to be repeated after 3 to 5 days.

What are the advantages of our odor neutralization?

  • The application is quick and easy.
  • Rooms can be used normally again after half a day.
  • The active substance acts in a sustainable way, even at high temperatures. The product we use  completely odorless.
  • The method is versatile: fire, water damage, decay odors, animal secretions, smoking apartment, butyric acid, lactic acid.

Special case: Cars

The odor neutralization in cars require a great deal of experience. Smoking odors can be neutralized with our system so that the car regains its original value. Our experienced and trained partners have so far eliminated all odors. Whether cigar smokers, cigarette smokers, pipe smokers, butyric acid, being tipped milk or remaining of  infants after the twisty drive back from the holidays.

What’s next

If you need a specialist for a treatment or if you want to know more about the system please contact us via contact form or by mail