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Direct Patient Environment

Spitalhygiene, Händedesinfektion

To the direct patient environment, one counts basically the bedstead with accessories and the bedside table with shelves. With those items the patient most frequently comes into direct contact. The application described below can also be used in the extended patient environment. The tiles in the shower room, which always represent a source of contamination and contamination are an example.

If surfaces of the direct patient environment have easy-to-clean and easy-to-disinfect features, cross-contamination can be reduced. Cross-contamination typically happens between disinfection cycles. After a surface disinfection, surfaces are normally free of germs. If somebody with contaminated hands touches this surfaces, some germs are left on the surface. If the surfaces offers a non hostile environment to those germs, they will survive and reproduce; the cross-contamination start.

Our innovation for the direct patient environment:

In order hinder germs to survive and propagate on surfaces, we developed an invisible, chemical-resistant lacquer with a permanent easy-to-clean and easy-to-disinfect effect. The application is simple and does not require extensive knowledge.


We distinguish two different types of application:

  • Cartridge: The product looks like a syringe: The varnish is applied to the surface and then evenly distributed with a microfiber cloth.
  • Application for large areas: for such cases is a professional company is required, which does large area coatings on a daily basis.

easy to disinfect™

Surfaces with easy to disinfect properties have the effect that conventional disinfection lasts longer and is more efficient. In other words, the same effect with less conventional disinfection. The simultaneous easy to clean properties reinforce this positive effect yet.


We have tested our coatings thoroughly. In vivo in  a leading Swiss hospital and in vitro in various laboratories in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France.

The test include

  • more than 10 bacteria strains
  • long term antimicrobial effect
  • mold (see also a time lapsed video)
  • Yeast
  • SARS Cov Virus (Wuhan strain)
  • Skin irritation test
  • Cytotox


Contact us for an individual consultation. Our systems are only sold to professional users. For this reason, professional advice from us is important.