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antikondensatbeschichtung, anti condensation coating

Anti condensation coating

An anti condensation coating will help to solve the following problem:

Condensation of water occurs, when humid air gets in contact with a cold surface. Everybody, who wears glasses knows this problem, when entering a warm room from the cold outside. The glasses get covered with dew water very fast. The visibility is impaired.

Condensation can mainly be found in housing (bad insulation) and in the food industry. In the latter the combination of very humid interior air and often old infrastructure leads to condensation. Cold pipes in a humid environment can also be a problem.

The result of condensation is in most cases mold. There are three requisites for mold:

  • spores in the air (which is normal)
  • nutrition for mold (which can be dirt, plaster, fibres etc.)
  • high local humidity

If those three conditions occurs a the same time at the same place, then spores will germinate and mold will grow.

If only two conditions occurs, spores will not germinate and mold will not grow. Applying the anti-condensation coating will keep a surface dry – no mold can occur.

Our anti condensation products

We offer two types of anti-condensation products:

  • a coating, which can be applied in many different ways, such as rolling, painting, spraying.
  • a plaster for heavy-duty problems

How does it work

Anti-condensation coatings have a microscopically finely structured surface that breaks the surface tension of the condensation water and ensures that the condensation water is distributed over a large area. The result is very high evaporation rates and, as a consequence, dry surfaces.
If you look at the following time lapsed video carefully, you will see how fast the water drop on the left hand side will dry-off. On this side our anti-condensation coating is applied, on the other side, a commonly used paint is applied.

Below you will find some more information about the products.

NameDescriptionFurther reading
Anti-condensation coatingWater based coating with almost no limits in applications (food industry, home, cellars, technical infrastructure, etc.)
Moist regulating plasterHeavy duty cases such as cellars, historical buildings, etc.