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Disinfection Products and Solutions

For a sustainable solution to hygiene problems, you need not only good expertise, but also the right products. At Novapura you will find a well-stocked toolbox equipped with a few, but highly effective, innovative products. To achieve a high standard of hygiene, you need products with an excellent effect, but also with good material compatibility. You will find these products with us. In addition, we focus on continuous development in order to always remain at the forefront of the market. With our dedicated partners, we also offer individual advice to support each customer in the best possible way. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and ensure that our products meet the most modern requirements. With us, you not only get first-class products, but also comprehensive support from start to finish.
Disinfection robot

Disinfection robot

The new development from Novapura: autonomous, fast, simple, gentle on materials and fully documented room disinfection. For customers with high requirements for fully documented hygiene. Follow this link.
Additives for self disinfecting materials

Antimicrobial Additives

Here you will find information about our additives that can give your coatings or plastics antimicrobial properties. Next.
Disinfectants - highes material compatibility


The professional line for the trained user. Disinfectants for material-friendly room and surface disinfection. Continue here! Please follow the link!
anti-condensation coating

Anti-condensation coating

The biocide-free, sustainable coatings to prevent mold growth. For a variety of interesting applications, Get more information here.
self disinfecting coating

Antimicrobial Coatings

Our coatings for hygienically challenging environments. You find exciting information under this link.