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Our Products

Our philosophy: few products, but the right ones!

Below you will find our toolbox to solve biologically induced problems. Depending on the case, you will need just one type of products, for example a disinfectant with no residues, or an antibacterial coating. In many cases, solving the short term AND the long term problem is the way to go. In case you will need assistance, pleas contact us.


The line for the professional, trained user. Click here to continue!

Antimikrobielle Additive - Übersicht

Antimicrobial Additives

Here you will find information about our additives, which can be used in coatings and in plastics. Continue.

Anti-condensation products

Products, which enables surfaces to be dry – one methodology to fight mold. Continue reading.

E2C and E2D Coatings

For various field of applications we offer high-end coatings with antimicrobial features. Follow this link please.