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Examples: Additives for plastics


A part for  the med-tech market, which was equipped with one of our additives. The customer has the advantage in the market that this part is auto-sterile, and thus the likelihood of contamination of the user can be massively reduced . We have carried out tests on antimicrobial activity, as well as with respect to depletion . Both tests were very successful and have convinced the customer.


Teil aus ABS


Another part of the same product family as above . The injection-molded part is made ​​of Polyamide 6. We have had the material compounded with one of our antimicrobial additives and provided it to the customer for the production of the part. Both the antimicrobial effectiveness , as well as the depletion were outstanding.

Teil aus PA6


Another customer of the Med -Tech industry which had parts equipped with our additives. The parts are made of POM and PP respectively; we have equipped both with our antimicrobial additives. Again, we have carried out tests in the laboratory that have led to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Teil aus PP









Experience shows that almost all plastics are tolerated very well with our additives , and the positive qualities come in terms of antimicrobial activity very much for supporting . The additives do not wash out and keep the effectiveness over the life of products . For reasons of operational stability , we recommend working with pre-compounded materials that can be fed directly into production . The parameters of the compounding are worked out together with the customer.

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