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Analytics – air sampling and data logging

Air Sampling

An air sampling measurements will help to detect a fact that the humans with its senses can not perceive. It is precisely this philosophy we follow:

  • We make an sampling only if we suspect an incidence of germ, but are not able to see it.
  • We believe that rooms where there is visible mold growth must not be measured microbiologically. Here the motto is: What is visible has to be professionally removed, and quick! (There is one exception, namely in case of hidden water damage, where pathogenic molds may occure).
  • If the customer wants a quality control, so we can supply these.

The evaluation of the measurements is carried out by an accredited laboratory. From the measured data ​​the biodiversity index and the relative differences of the amount of germs in the outdoor and indoor air  is determined. Based on these results it can be deduced with great probability, whether a non-visible mold source is in the room or not. The various molds are also determined.

Many times we were able to detect hidden mold sources using this method. Especially in the food industry, this kind of measurement the foundation for a removal of hygiene problems.

A typical analysis of a microbial air measurement can so (see link) look. (Excerpt from the original report of the laboratory).

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Data logging

In many cases it is necessary to measure air data (temperature, humidity) for a prolonged period in a room. This data makes it possible to determine in a narrow time frame, how the climate data change over time. On the basis of SIA standards, we can, for example, determine whether a room with certain external conditions has a too high humidity or not.

Customers in the area of property management or homeowner often require such measurements. Industrial companies in the food industry are often also interested in such data. Common to both customers segments is the desire to determine the cause of mold.

As a result, the customer receives a detailed evaluation of the measurement results and a report. An example can be found here.

Who makes it

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