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Examples: Additives for coatings

An number of of international customers has used our antimicrobial additives successfully in their products. Application areas vary from med-tech, unter water application, floors and walls in hygienically challenging environments etc. Different coating systems have been used, such as PU, Epoxy, Epoxy Silanes, Polysiloxane or Phenolic resin, just to name a few. Below you will find a few examples for your inspiration!

Phenolic resin

For underwater use, an international customer has asked us to equip this coating with one of our additives in order to have an antimicrobial coating. The compatibility and storage stability was very good. In order to test the antimicrobial activity, we have carried out  a test in accordance with JIS Z 2801. Adjustments have been made to  the exposure time (massively less than the required 24 hours, as well as the type of bacteria (standard: E. coli, we have a P. aeruginosa used, which is more resistant than E. coli).


A customer request for an antimicrobial coating made of aqueous epoxy resin, we also could answer positively. As with the phenolic resin, we have also carried out a test to determine the antimicrobial activity. Again in accordance with JIS Z2801. Adjustments were again the exposure time (massively less than the required 24 hours), as well as the type of bacteria (standard: E. coli, we have a P. aeruginosa and S. aureus taken, which is more resistant than E. coli).



Polyurethane coating

With this type of  coating we achieved very good antimicrobial values. Polyurethane coatings are widely used in a variety of media and under extreme conditions. In this case, a customer wanted a transparent, anti-microbial coating for its injection-molded part. We had it delivered!


PU Lack

Customer specific coatings

For an international customer, we equipped a system coating, which can be used under extreme conditions. The customer sees huge potential in outdoor applications (facades) as well as indoor (auto-sterile surfaces in medicine and healthcare). Test results give very high degradation rates (<< 24 hour) with various germs and germ cocktails.


We have a whole set of procedures developed that allows us to incorporate the additives in nearly all types of coatings. The various parameters are set together with the customers. The antimicrobial activity we get tested by an independent laboratory in Switzerland.

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