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The Company

NOVAPURA Ltd. is one of the leading companies providing solutions for bio-decontamination and disinfection issues. Since its foundation in 2006 Novapura has acquired extensive know-how in formulating and producing disinfectant solutions. We have developed, together with our partners, disinfectants for fogging applications, antimicrobial coatings and antimicrobial additive. Moreover, we have developed a room disinfection robot. Over the years, we have put together a range of complementary products, which can solve almost all relevant bio-contamination problems. With our large network of companies, we are able to offer any possible service, may it be extensive testing of formulations, production, consulting, analytics and applications.

The person behind Novapura

Thomas Mueller, Owner and Managing Director, born 1967, Swiss citizen. He has 9 years of international industry experience in various management positions. As Managing Director, he successfully led an international trading company with a focus on China through its start-up phase. He holds various board of directors mandates. Thomas Mueller holds a degree in engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and an MBA from the University of Chicago.