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Direct Patient Environment

Spitalhygiene, Händedesinfektion

For the direct patient environment, one counts essentially bedstead and accessories, as well as bedside table with shelves. It is the equipment with which the patient most frequently comes in contact. Of course, the application described below can also be used in the extended patient environment. To mention here are, for example, the tiles in the shower room, which always represent a source of contamination and contamination.

“Easy to clean and easy to disinfect surfaces ensure that cross-contamination is reduced by minimizing the disinfection gap”

Our innovation:

Transparent (invisible), chemical-resistant paints with permanent easy-to-clean and easy-to-disinfect effect. Easy-to-appy features.


We distinguish three different types of application:

  • Spray: The product comes as a conventional spray-can and it is also used as such.
  • Cartridge: The product looks like a syringe: The varnish is applied to the surface and then evenly distributed with a microfiber cloth.
  • Application for large areas: for such cases is a network of experienced companies is available to make the application for you.

easy to disinfect™

Surfaces with easy to disinfect properties have the effect that conventional disinfection lasts longer and is more efficient. In other words, the same effect with less conventional disinfection. The simultaneous easy to clean properties reinforce this positive effect yet.


We have subjected our paints to intensive testing, both in the laboratory and in reference customers. Since we only use top quality paints, all tests have been successful.


Contact us for an individual consultation. Our systems are only sold to professional users. For this reason, professional advice from us is important.