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Anti-condensation coating

We offer two types of anti-condensation products:

  • a coating, which can be applied in many different ways, such as rolling, painting, spraying.
  • a plaster for heavy-duty problems

Both products are used in cases where condensation on surfaces is not welcome. Condensation leads always to hold, sooner or later. Mold is definitively not welcome, may it be in the food industry, in private housing, in the public area etc.

How does it work

if you look at the following video carefully, you will see how fast the water drop on the left hand side will dry-off. In a dry environment mold has no chance.

Below you will find some more information regarding the products.

NameDescriptionFurther reading
Anti-condensation coatingWater based coating with almost no limits in applications (food industry, home, cellars, technical infrastructure, etc.)
Moist regulating plasterHeavy duty cases such as cellars, historical buildings, etc.