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The following products are available for our specialists, which are trained by us.

All of our products have some distinctive features:

  • Not oxidising
  • Therefore, no discoloration, no fading, no rust
  • lasting effect, if desired
  • Quick to use
  • Applied by trained professionals
NameApplicationTechn. Data Sheet

sprayit plus

Surface disinfection
- easy to use
- broad band disinfectant
- no adverse effect on materials
- free of residue
- virucidal performance

sprayit IQ

Surface disinfection
- strong and broad antimicrobial performance
- no material damage
- strong virucidal performance

fogit Q

Room disinfection
- VAH certificate
- virucidal performance
- AFNOR test certificate


Odor neutralization
- Smoke, cigarettes
- Fire
- Decay
- Cars

Remember: Use biocide safely, always read the label, product information and safety data sheet prior to use!